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About the company
Several years ago I, Brett Parker, noticed that there was a deficiency in what many people understood in regards to tax law and education. Their lack of knowledge and/or misunderstandings of the matter is what allowed large corporations to take advantage on a yearly basis. Being a man of action, I decided it was time to tip the scales on these injustices. I made it my duty to not only provide a quality, reliable and honest service to all my customers but also educate them on the pertinent matters of tax accounting.

When I started Parker Financial Services, I didn’t have a luxury office space or even a desk. I began working from my dinning room table. What I lacked in ambiance, I made up for with passion and drive. I was determined to educate each customer not only on their current returns but what they needed to do to make financial decisions that would impact their lives.

I am proud to say that my clients are now more informed and as a result, they make better financial decisions.

Our Commitment to you
We are committed to providing you legendary service each time you visit. Regardless of which service you employ us for, it will be done right the first time. On top of that, you will gain a sense of security knowing that you are better prepared for future tax situations.

Community involvement
Together we can make a change

Our Commitment to the community
Without the community it represents, no company can flourish. Because of that, we welcome and appreciate our obligation to help the community. It’s always been said that “it takes a village” and we’ve incorporated that mindset into our business’ infrastructure. For every service we provide, we give a portion of our fees back into local communities; making each customer a philanthropist. This is our way of uplifting our community, Our Village.

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